Thematic VISP Track

The Thematic VISP Track programs are partnerships between the Visiting International Student Program and UW-Madison academic departments. Some Thematic VISP track programs are open only to students pre-selected by the UW-Madison academic department while others are open to any VISP applicant.

What Makes the Thematic VISP Different?

Participants in the Thematic VISP Track are admitted both by VISP as well as the academic department hosting the program. Students receive additional advising support from the department, as well as the bulk of their courses guaranteed within that specific academic area. Learn more about the benefits of participating in our VISP thematic track programs in the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thematic VISP Track

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How do I apply to a thematic VISP track program?

Application instructions can be found on each thematic VISP program page (see above).

I want to take courses in a few departments including one of the thematic tracks. How should I apply?

Our traditional VISP track is a better fit for your academic goals. Students in this program can choose from courses across the university catalog on a space-available basis for which they are eligible.

My major isn't listed as a current thematic VISP track program. What should I do?

Apply to our traditional VISP track instead. Students in the traditional program track have to be a little more flexible with their course enrollments, but we find that they are still very happy with the courses they get.

What if I applied to the traditional track before I saw a thematic program for my major?

The VISP coordinator reviewing your application can switch your application at any time. We will likely ask you about this as an option to see if you are interested. If we don’t do so, feel free to email your VISP Coordinator.

I heard about at thematic VISP track program that isn't on this list. Can I apply for it?

Some of our thematic VISP track programs are created by a UW-Madison academic department for a pre-selected group of students from a foreign university. If a thematic program is not accommodating applications outside of their pre-selected group then the program will not be listed above. You are still welcome to apply to our traditional VISP track. 

Please contact the VISP coordinators if you have questions.

I have a question about one of the thematic VISP programs. Whom should I contact?

Mee Her is the coordinator who works with thematic track programs.

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