VISP participants are responsible for securing their own housing. UW-Madison offers a limited number of spaces in on-campus housing (dormitories). In addition, many students also live off-campus in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Learn more about on-campus and off-campus housing opportunities as well as a temporary homestay option for when you arrive in Madison in our section below.

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Temporary Homestay when you Arrive

Madison Friends of International Students (MFIS) offers free temporary housing for up to three nights through their system of community volunteers. If your housing is not yet available in time for your arrival you are welcome to sign up for this free service.

On-Campus Housing

UW-Madison has two types of residence halls depending on a student’s academic level: undergraduate or graduate. Spaces are limited in on-campus housing, so apply early for best consideration.

Undergraduate Residence Halls
Traditional dormitories consist primarily of shared rooms and communal bathrooms with individual shower stalls. Residents eat at dining facilities located throughout the campus.

Graduate Student Housing
University apartments serve the needs of visiting researchers, faculty, and graduate students wanting a more independent living situation. Leases are usually 12 months in length, and the apartments are not usually furnished, but check current availability for details.

Off-Campus Housing

Many students live in off-campus housing options around the UW-Madison campus.

Housing Cooperatives – Co-ops
Co-ops provide low cost housing in exchange for household chores like cooking and cleaning. Call the house you are interested in and ask for the membership coordinator. Every house has its own personality; you may want to visit several to find one that fits your style.

Although apartments in Madison are in ample supply, most apartments must be rented for either 9 or 12 months. There are many online search engines that you can use to find apartment vacancies and roommate postings.

Abodo Housing Search
Campus Area Housing Listing Service
Madison Campus and Downtown Living
Madison Property Management
Mullins Apartments
Steve Brown Apartments
The Saxony Apartments
Craig’s List

Craig’s List, like other community message boards, does not verify the accuracy of postings, so please exercise caution when dealing with private individuals.

Housing Search Recommendations

Having trouble finding a fall-only off-campus housing?
Most apartments in Madison are rented for 9 or 12 month contracts, making it difficult to find a fall-only option. We recommend that fall-only students apply for on-campus housing. If you wish to live in off-campus housing for the fall you may have to sign a 9 or 12 month lease and then find a subleaser to take over your lease for the remaining months. This does carry the risk, however, of not being able to find someone to take over your lease and being responsible for the remaining rent. You can search for subleasers and sublease opportunities via the housing search engines above.

Furnished Apartments
Your housing should be listed as “furnished” or “semi-furnished,” which means that they provide some furniture in the apartment for your use. You may be held responsible for any furnished items when you check out of the apartment, so take care not to damage them.

Renter’s Insurance
Consider purchasing renter’s insurance for your time here in the US to protect your belongings in cases of fire, theft or other disasters. It is available at a low cost from numerous insurance companies.

Madison Housing Map

Sections 1-6 and section 9 on map are the most easily accessible to campus.

Image provided by Campus Area Housing.