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Thematic VISP Track: Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the leading institutions in the United States for research in mathematics, encompassing both pure and applied mathematics. Informally, the department is organized into seven overlapping research groups: (1) Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, and Number Theory (2) Analysis (3) Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (4) Probability (5) Applied and Computational Mathematics (6) Topology and Geometry (7) Logic. The department maintains high standards in teaching and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in all of these areas.

Program Overview

The Department of Mathematics invites international students to take a variety of courses in mathematics within our highly ranked department.

After their first year as a non-degree visiting student, VISP students have the option to apply to continue their studies in the Mathematics Masters of Arts – Foundations of Advanced Studies graduate degree program. Those intending to apply may be able to take some MA course requirements as a VISP student. However, admission to the graduate program is a separate admissions process and is not to be considered a guaranteed element of the VISP thematic track program offering. Questions regarding admission to the graduate program should be addressed to

Student Support

From the time you apply to the end of your stay, the VISP staff will be there to assist you. As a VISP participant you have full access to all academic and student support services, such as libraries, computer labs, clubs, and sports facilities; the opportunity to participate in VISP sponsored social and cultural events; and upon completion you will receive an official UW-Madison transcript.

Program Eligibility

Participants must meet the VISP eligibility criteria for admission into this program. Applicants to this Thematic Track must also have completed at least two of the following classes:

  • Linear Algebra (Math 341 or equiv.)
  • Analysis I (Math 521 or equiv.)
  • Modern Algebra I (Math 541 or equiv.)
  • Elementary Topology (Math 551 or equiv.)

If you aren’t sure if you meet these requirements, please contact the Mathematics Department for assistance. Course descriptions can be found on the Mathematics course guide.

This Thematic Track admits students at the Undergraduate level.

Available Terms

Participants must start in the fall term and stay for an academic year.

Academics & Course Offerings

Thematic Track participants can select from advanced undergraduate courses and introductory graduate courses (500- to 700- level). Course descriptions can be found on the Mathematics course guide.

Cost of Attendance

Estimated cost of attendance information is available on the VISP website.

Application Instructions

Submit your VISP application and in your essay please include: “I am applying for the Mathematics VISP track.”

Questions? Please contact the VISP coordinators.

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