Thematic VISP Track

The Thematic VISP Track programs are partnerships between the Visiting International Student Program and UW-Madison academic departments. Some Thematic VISP track programs are open only to students pre-selected by the UW-Madison academic department while others are open to any VISP applicant.

What Makes the Thematic VISP Different?

Participants in the Thematic VISP Track are admitted both by VISP as well as the academic department sponsoring the program. Students receive additional advising support from the department, as well as the bulk of their courses guaranteed within that specific academic area.

Current Thematic VISP Opportunities

Academic Term(s)
Student Level

Dairy Science
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Fall, Spring, Summer Undergraduate Level (UIUL) or higher 

Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering

Fall, Spring, Summer
Undergraduate Level (UIUL)

Wisconsin School of Business

Political Science

College of Letters & Science



Frequently Asked Questions about Thematic VISP Track