Summer 2017

2017 Popular Summer Sessions
8-week: June 19 - August 13

4-week: June 19 - July 16

4-week: July 17 - August 13

Summer at UW-Madison

Whether you are currently in the United States studying at another institution or you are in your home country wishing to come for just a few weeks, UW-Madison is a great choice for your summer educational plans.

UW-Madison offers a variety of course sessions to allow students to customize their learning experience: Courses last as little as 1 week, and as long as 13 weeks in length. Most students come for our 8-week session, but you can find a number of courses that will meet your needs. Read more on the UW-Madison Summer Term page.

Coming from Abroad

Our program can issue immigration documentation to assist you in applying for your student visa. Newly-arrived VISP summer students enroll full time in academic coursework while experiencing life on our campus. Depending on the session you choose, you might only take one class giving you the opportunity to focus deeply on your chosen subject.

Coming from Another US Institution

You are welcome to visit UW-Madison on your summer break from another US institution. If you have enrolled for the spring term and plan to return to your school in the fall, then you have no full-time enrollment requirement to maintain your visa status.

Summer Credit Loads

Summer enrollment works differently than during the rest of the academic year. Please see our Full-time enrollment page for more information.