VISP Student Life

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers you an exciting and vibrant campus community. In addition to coursework, VISP participants are encouraged to explore extracurricular opportunities to help meet other students and learn about life as a Badger.

Campus-wide Opportunities

For example, you could join one of the over 900 student organizations, volunteer in the Madison community, get a part-time job on our campus, or even find a fun exercise class. You can read more about these UW-Madison campus involvement opportunities on our Student Life Orientation Module.

Special VISP Events

In addition to opportunities available to all UW-Madison students, each term VISP staff organize special events just for our program. Learn more on our Events & Newsletters page. 

Hear from Former VISP Participants

Our former participants love to share about their experiences on the Visiting International Student Program through VISP Voices, our student testimonial archive.

Future VISP students are in for an amazing experience. I encourage them to explore as much as possible and to participate in the many opportunities UW-Madison has to offer.
- VISP participant