Academic Orientation Module

Academic Overview

VISP and UW-Madison will provide you with tools and resources to help you succeed while studying on our campus. Watch this video to learn about how courses are structured, resources available to you, and the academic standards we hold students to during their time at UW-Madison.

Academic Resources

In addition to talking with your VISP coordinator, campus also offers the following resources that we encourage you to take advantage of during your time with us:

Academic Integrity

"Academic Integrity is critical to the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a research one institution with high academic standards and rigor...
Students are expected to uphold the core values of academic integrity which include honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. These core values, combined with finding one’s purpose and passion and applying them in and out of classroom learning, produce students who become extraordinary citizens."

- from the Dean of Students statement on Academic Integrity.

When working on class assignments or taking exams, it is important that students maintain a high level of academic integrity. It is the student’s responsibility to understand what is considered academic misconduct, how to avoid it, and the consequences of such behavior.

Review the Academic Overview video above to learn more about academic misconduct and please let your VISP coordinator know if you have questions.