About Madison

Students have many questions when it comes to selecting the perfect study abroad location:

Will I have access to world-class and engaging faculty? Can I get involved in the campus community? Is the city vibrant and beautiful while still being safe?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers you all of this and more. Learn more about the focus on Academic Excellence and Student Engagement that makes the University of Wisconsin-Madison a unique place to be a student. Read about our institutional rankings both within the United States and internationally.

Madison, Wisconsin is a picturesque mid-sized American city that is consistently selected as one of the best places to live in the U.S.Visit the City of Madison page to learn more about all that our city has to offer.

Don't miss our VISP Voices page, which gives you the chance to hear from our former students about how their time at UW-Madison has had a lasting impact on them academically, personally, as well as professionally.  

I discovered beautiful places like Lake Mendota, awesome student organizations, interesting classes, and friendly people-some of whom became much like family to me.
- VISP participant